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There really are not words to describe how magnificent a dog Jester was.  It is still hard to say 'was' when he has only been taken from us this morning, suddenly, just age 7, with a sudden bowel problem in the middle of the night.  To have him there with us one moment and gone the next is still so hard to face.

Jester was one of an unwanted litter of puppies10 years ago.  He has been a true delight to share so much of my life with, and my side is so empty without him.

I would not work without Jester being here at my feet at the desk, he would snuggle up on the bed at night and adored chasing his favourite football in our field, where he is now buried with a tree above him.

Answering to the nickname of Wasock or Waz for short, he would sit and be fussed for hours, making even the longest stint at the PC working a joy because he was by my side.

I do not think I have ever been so close to a dog in all my life, or had such a totally loyal, loving and amazing boy as him... and there will always be a part of me missing without him in my life.

I truly hope his spirit goes somewhere amazing, and that I can greet him again one day.

If you knew Jester too, please add your comments here, regardless of whether you are able to make a tribute donation towards his memory.  Thank you.

Gareth, 25th June 2009

I can't believe he's gone - I was just playing with him on Monday. I don't think I've ever been so sad to lose a dog that I don't even own. He was such a gorgeous & playful boy. I will miss playing with him & his half-a-football in the field so much. And, considering the amount of times I've told him to be quiet in the past, it will be far too quiet without him. ( RIP Jester, you will be sorely missed forever).

Becky, 27th June 2009


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