Ruby was rescued from Romania in September 2010, along with a few other dogs.  The other dogs found new homes quickly, but Ruby is still in foster care in the North East of England.  She is a small crossbreed.  Her foster carer told us this about her:

Ruby walks very well now on the lead but could do with a bit more training with walking to heel. She is now house-trained but only ever had a couple of accidents anyway at the beginning. If she is really desperate to go out she will bark and tap you with her paws.

She is a very affectionate dog and absolutely loves to be cuddled at any time. She loves to play chase with me and to run after and fetch her toys. She plays with my friends jack russell but not so much with my dog as she is a big clumsy dog and has hurt her a couple of times. Ruby is much better at meeting other dogs as long as they are not to boisterous.

Ruby can jump quite high if she's in the mood so she would need a home with fairly high walls or fence to stop her from getting out. She is very confident with me and a couple of friends but is still quite nervous with busy roads and travelling in cars and buses however I found out last friday that she is not afraid of fireworks!!

She gets on with my cats now but she had to be watched closely at first to correct any bad behaviour towards them e.g. chasing and snapping. She allows them to sleep next to her now however the behaviour might return if introduced to new cats but i think she would eventually get used to them.

Ruby will allow children to stroke her when she is out for a walk, as long as they are quiet and calm around her.

Ruby was rescued by an organisation called Romania Animal Aid who do some amazing work with the many street-dogs there.  Ruby is one of the lucky ones and deserves every happiness.

She is between 2 and 3 yrs old, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

There is a Youtube video of Ruby here:


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